By using this website and/or the Luan app on any iPad you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our commitment

We’ll do anything to keep the website, the back end and the app working as well as possible. If something does not work as expected you can call us during office hours on +32 3 369 10 2 1 You can always email us, we only respond during office hours.

Your commitment

You can edit your credentials in the backend. If you lose your password: reset your password or send an email to You can delete your accot and your files in the backend.

The photos and files you upload and use in the app are your own responsability. That means that you are the owner of those files or have permission of the owner to use them. Illegal or indecent files can be deleted.

You are also responsible for whom your photos or files are shown to: we have no control whatsoever about who uses the iPad app to what end.

Finally you will use neither the back end nor the app to do something that could be illegal according to your local legislation.


Luan is subscription-based: when you order a plan you give Paypal the permission to provide us each month with the right ammount. All payment of the plans is handled by Paypal. You choose a plan and as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, your package is activated. This also applies when you downgrade or upgrade your plan: the change is effective immediately.

If you downgrade your plan you will see how many photos or files you’ll have to delete. When you cancel your subscription you will fall back to the free plan.


We will only use your personal details to communicate with you: we will not pass them on to anyone else. All pictures and documents you upload will remain your property.

When you delete your account all your information and files are deleted from our servers and databases.